Tutorial - Creating Pillow Using Soap Skin & Bubble Plugin

Soap Skin & Bubble Plugin is a free plugin and gives modelers the ability to easily create a multi-faceted face inside of a closed group of three or more lines.  Its as simple as selecting the lines, start up the plugin, tell it how many faces you want the new face to have.

First we want to create a curve corner for the model.

  1. Create a square and draw a circle at all the corner of the square.

  2. Then use the Eraser tool    to delete all unwanted lines except the curve path


  3. To create the curve line, select the Arc tool  . Click at the end point of the curve path created at steps  2, move the mouse up to draw the arc shape line towards the blue axis.

    Now we going to crate the face according to our curve path.

  4. Press   CTRL + A to select all the line. Then on the Soap Bubble Toolbar , click on the skin command.

  5. Press Enter key, it will automatic create the faces according the number of division you had defined.

  6. To modify the curve surface, use select tool to select the model. On the Soap Bubble toolbar, click on the Bub button. In the measurement box, key in the pressure value that you like.

  7. Double click the object and click then choose Reverse Faces. Under the Window tab choose Soften Edges and tick both the Smooth normal and Soften coplanar.

    You can duplicate the faces and put them together to craete you model

  8. Use Move tool select the model, then press CTRL to duplicate it. Click at the location where you want to place it.

  9. To create a circle, click on the Circle button . You can use the Push Pull tool  <photo id="17" /> to push the circle up a bit. Then use the Scale tool click at the circle and press CTRL to scale from the center

  10. Use the Line tool  to create the faces for all the curve corner. Close all the side loop

Here are some of the samples which created by using this Soap Skin & Bubble plugin.


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