Tutorial - Creating a Dome Shape

This tutorial showing you on how to create a dome shape by using the follow me tool. 

1. Select the Circle Tool and draw a circle shape.

2. Use the Line Tool to draw a line from the center point of the circle with the length you want. (drawing your circle from the origin will let you easily to draw your model). Then draw one more line from center to the end point of the circle.

3. Select the Arc Tool and click at the end point of both the line you to create the arc with the bulge distance you want. Make sure the arc line need to be On Blue Axis. Then Click to create your arc line.

4. Use the Select Tool to select the circle at the bottom. Then use the Follow Me Tool to click at the Arc shape to form the Dome.

5. Here is your outcome.

Note: The arc line created cannot too curve or no higher than the center line to avoid the dome created will have a dent in the middle.

By Chee SK | LinkedIn

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